Write gorgeous documentation with Markdown inside your Laravel apps.

LaRecipe is simply a code-driven package provides an easy way to create beautiful documentation for your product or application inside your Laravel app.

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Code Driven Package

Configure your entire docs with simple PHP code. None of your docs configuration is stored in the database.

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Beautiful UI For Eyes

LaRecipe provides a bunch of amazing looking UI Vue based components powered by TailwindCSS.

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Customizable & Extendable

LaRecipe allows you add your own custom assets though custom packages in order to match your needs.

Awesome Features

Rich functionalities that can be used for many purposes

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MarkDown Support

LaRecipe automatically leverages Markdown to HTML parser out of the box including typography, images, links and others

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Vue Components

LaRecipe provides a bunch of amazing looking UI Vue based components due to the fact it compiles the markdown documentation in the back-end to HTML

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Search Support

If you have a very large documentation it's very handy to have search function available so that your users can find their needs quickly.

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LaRecipe makes it easy to have multiple versions for your docs, allowing you to specify the published versions and the default one.

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Google Analytics

Need to track your documentation visits? No problem. Add your Google Analytics Id in the config and you are ready to go.

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In addition to providing authentication feature out of the box, LaRecipe also provides a simple way to authorize user access against a given documentation.

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LaRecipe comes with a great plugins support, see what other artisans develop and share!