API Docs

I use LaRecipe sometimes to write docs for our products/services and share the access with our developers. Here is an example of writing API docs in a nice human-readable way.


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{warning} Please note that the URI for this endpoint only should not include api/{$version} before oauth/token, which means that the url will be: example.com/oauth/token.

Method URI Headers
POST /oauth/token Default

URL Params


Data Params

    "grant_type"    : "password",
    "client_id"     : "2",
    "client_secret" : "{client_secret}",
    "username"      : "string|email",
    "password"      : "string",
    "scope"         : "*"

{info} The client_secret is the token that the server needs in order to auth the request. See server config page for more details.

For the dev server the

$client_secret = dev_client_secret_here

For the production server the

$client_secret = production_client_secret_here

{primary} Login request example with development server

    "grant_type"    : "password",
    "client_id"     : "2",
    "client_secret" : "dev_client_secret_here",
    "username"      : "test@test.com",
    "password"      : "secret",
    "scope"         : "*"

{success} Success Response

Code 200


  "token_type"    : "Bearer",
  "expires_in"    : "integer",
  "access_token"  : "string|token",
  "refresh_token" : "string|token"

{danger} Error Response

Code 422

Reason put description here